DIY Playhouse
Bauanleitung Kinderspielhaus
  • understandable and detailed

  • photos and professional sketches

  • fast and direct as digital download

Bauanleitung Kinderspielhaus
  • Bauanleitung Kinderspielhaus mit Rutsche
  • Kinderspielhaus Schwedenhäuschen
  • Kinderspielhaus selbst bauen Anleitung
  • Kinderspielhaus mit Veranda
  • Stelzenhaus für Kinder
  • Spielhaus für Kinder auf Stelzen
  • Spielhaus aus Holz bauen
  • Kinderspielhaus Holz bauen
  • Stelzenhaus mit Rutsche
  • Kinderspielhaus mit Rutsche DIY
The road to your little DIY dream house
What do I get?
  • understandable and detailed assembly instructions

  • photos and professional sketches

  • included parts lists and cutting templates

  • You have a cost certainty for the materials used

  • fast & direct as a digital download

Our building instructions are structured in such a way that everyone can use them – clearly and in detail. In addition to detailed texts that precisely describe each step, photos and technical drawings ensure understanding. The assembly instructions have been developed and optimized over a long period of time and are protected by copyright and cannot be obtained in public stores.

Children’s Playhouse Construction Manual

– Snippets –
  • The Basic House
    Construction described in detail in the construction manual
  • Variant with slide
    Basis of the basic house – construction instructions in a separate annex
  • Variant with terrace
    Basis of the basic house – construction instructions in a separate annex

What does the manual contain?

Building instructions

You will receive a 46-page building instruction in which the construction of the playhouse with the short stilts is described. The variants of the stilt house also shown in the gallery (pictures were sent available to us by customers, see customer reviews) were created on the basis of our building instructions and are intended for inspiration. All the steps are described in detail, from purchasing and cutting the wood in a specialist shop, through the preparatory work at home and through to setting up the house in your own garden. Really read through page by page. Numerous photos and clear plan excerpts, wrapped in an easily understandable description of the assembly, will guide you safely to your destination (see excerpts from the assembly instructions)

Documents for obtaining an offer from the timber supplier

In addition to a sample letter to obtain a quotation, you will receive a clear, easy-to-understand wood cutting list, which you can then simply send by email to various wood suppliers. This enables you to obtain offers without necessarily having to go to a specialist store.

List for cutting wood

In addition, you will receive a wood list that you will need during the construction. This shows you clearly all wood groups with length information and where the wood is then installed.

Cutting plan

A cutting plan from which you can see which cuts you can make yourself at home (cost savings compared to cutting it in a specialist store).

Variants and expansion options for the stilt house

You will receive additional information and tips as a separate system, e.g. how you can build a playhouse on higher stilts or a larger terrace. However, since individual wishes of the most varied kinds play a role here, no concrete structural measures and details are described.

What are the advantages of this guide?

Understandable for everyone

All the steps from purchasing and cutting the wood in a specialist shop, through the preparatory work at home and setting up the house in your own garden are described in detail. Really read through page by page. Numerous photos and clear plan sections, wrapped in an easily understandable description of the structure, will guide you safely to your destination.

Cost security

Critically question the prices of other providers. Foundations, steel shoes for posts. All of these are additional structural measures that can cause considerable additional costs, the necessity of which should be questioned. Prices below 500 € are often absolutely unrealistic. Because our building instructions were developed on the basis of the standard wood of one of the most widespread DIY chains in Europe, the current market prices could be stored. Thus, depending on the final price negotiation, the total price ends up in a cost range between € 500 and € 550.

3D planning based on CAD

The building instructions were initially based on exact 3D planning with the help of a CAD program. Thus, the dimensions of the house could be adjusted and determined exactly on the basis of common hardware store standard timber, which avoids unnecessary waste and the associated additional work and material costs.

short and compact


  • Length with roof overhang approx. 2.50 m
  • Width with roof overhang approx. 1.60 m
  • Interior dimensions approx. 1.45 m x 1.45 m
  • Terrace area approx. 1.50 mx 0.75 m
  • Gable height inside approx. 1.60 m
  • Inside eaves height approx. 1.30 m

construction time

For the pure construction of the house without the pre-processing of the wood and the painting work, you should calculate about 2 – 3 days of work as a skilled craftsman, a little longer as an inexperienced person.

About us

It all started 15 years ago with a self-designed, planned and built children’s playhouse for my two children, Lukas and Amelie. The little Swedish house was so well received by friends and relatives that it resulted in the first DIY building instructions. My children have grown up now and are on board with “Build at Home GbR”.


Many enthusiastic customers kindly and proudly provide us with photos, some of which show true masterpieces that are looking for their peers. The basis for this was our building instructions. Just take a look and be amazed … Pictures say more than words! We are also very proud of the many written customer reviews that we have received over the years!

  • Michael S.
    “Even for me as an academic it is very understandable”

    With an extremely understandable and, even for me as an “academic”, very easy to understand construction manual, it is fun to build a children’s playhouse. Here is a snapshot of the playhouse I created on stilts.

  • Ralf D.
    “It was absolutely worth it and the kids are happy playing!”

    In spring we built the house with the help of building instructions. The result is great, although we deviated a little from the plan. It was absolutely worth it and the kids are happy to play!

  • Hans-Jürgen N.
    “Had no problems with the construction”

    Had no problems with the construction; I planed and cut all the wood myself, the dimensions all fit perfectly. I changed the railing, I didn’t like it that much on the plan. There was also a small flight of stairs. With a good blueprint, even small changes are possible.

  • Katrin H.
    “The kids are having a lot of fun!”

    Thanks to the great playhouse building instructions, our children and children in the neighborhood have a lot of fun with the playhouse.

  • Daniel S.
    “Became the play center of the garden”

    Thanks to the detailed instructions, the preparation and construction were feasible for a skilled craftsman without any problems – the right tools and fun with handcrafts are important. Many viewers initially believe that it is a kit and can hardly believe that such a great house can be assembled from bare boards. Thanks to the professional guidance, everyone can do this!

  • Martin G.
    “I used the building instructions as a basis for our children’s playhouse”

    I used building instructions as a basis for our children’s playhouse. It was really very helpful. I had great pleasure building the house and our children are now happy owners and active users of the children’s playhouse.

  • Michael H.
    “We and the friends’ parents are also enthusiastic.”

    In the meantime our house has been built and the children and their friends have a lot of fun with it. We and the friends’ parents are also enthusiastic. Assembly instructions that describe the individual steps really simply, are easy to understand for everyone and in detail, are easy to reproduce.

  • Christoph F.
    “It worked really well”

    Better late than never. I built my house according to building instructions. It worked really well; I only had to convert the dimensions because I did not receive the specified woods in exactly the right dimensions. I built the house as a stilt house.

  • Andreas L.
    “Great Instructions”

    A month passed from planning, ordering the wood and adjusting the dimensions (wood mainly ordered from Hornbach) to completion. In the meantime we have also built the house and are very happy about it. My children and all the children in the neighborhood love the house. Precise building instructions are really recommended.

  • Peter L.
    “Thanks to building instructions, dream house built”

    Thanks to good building instructions, I was able to build what is probably the most beautiful children’s house in town without much preparation.

  • Familie Knopper
    “Great building instructions make work easier”

    With good building instructions, we succeeded in the garden playhouse project. The playhouse has become the focus of our garden and every child loves to play in it. We have added additional things, see photo. Instructions are highly recommended.

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