Frequently asked Questions

1: How much does it cost to build a children’s playhouse yourself?

When using standard wood from the OBI hardware store chain, the total price is between €500 and €550, depending on the final price negotiation. Means of connection, hinges, locking bolts and paint must be calculated separately! This price is based on an offer from an OBI specialist store in 2021.

2: Is it cheaper to build a children’s playhouse yourself or to buy a prefabricated house kit?

In terms of price, this should be about the balance, but qualitatively a kit can not be compared with a self-bolted house. Kits are industrially prepared and delivered in a few components, boards are therefore often only stapled because this is faster in production, the wood quality and wood thicknesses usually meet only the minimum requirements. A self-built house consists of no prefabricated elements and is screwed exclusively with wood screws.

3: How can I expand and beautify my children’s playhouse?

The building instructions also include plan sketches and instructions as an appendix, which can serve as a basis for e.g. creating a playhouse on higher stilts, with a larger terrace or with a climbing wall. There are basically no limits to your imagination when it comes to a wooden house. You can design a very personal dream house for you and your children.

4: How does the procurement of materials for a children’s playhouse work?

The building instructions for the children’s playhouse include a separate wood cutting list and a cutting template. This makes it very easy to procure materials. All you have to do is bring the wood cutting list and the cutting templates to your trusted hardware store, then hand them over to a competent employee in the wood cutting department and, after cutting, simply pick up the wood again or have it delivered straight away.

5: Is it complicated to build a children’s playhouse yourself?

The building instructions for the children’s playhouse are designed in such a way that even a beginner can easily master this project. With many pictures, clear 3D drawings, detailed textual descriptions and lots of other information, you will be guided step by step to your goal.

6: How long does it take to build a children’s playhouse yourself?

The construction of your DIY children’s playhouse takes 4-6 days, depending on your commitment. It’s perfect for a family project.

7: How is the DIY building instructions for a children’s playhouse constructed?

The assembly instructions are divided into 8 sections:

  1. Construction of the substructure including house and veranda floor
  2. Structure of the side walls
  3. Structure of the front gable wall (with entrance door)
  4. Construction of the rear gable wall and completion of some of the painting work
  5. Assemble the walls and erect the porch support structure
  6. Making the roofing and some of the painting
  7. Production of roof facings, corner facings, windows and door frames
  8. Manufacture and installation of door leaves
8: Can the children help build the children’s playhouse?

Of course, the children can help with the construction of the children’s playhouse. No dangerous tools are used. The instructions are specially designed so that the whole family can get involved.

9: Is it easy to dismantle a children’s playhouse when moving house?

It doesn’t matter why you should dismantle the children’s playhouse. Dismantling is not a problem. Thanks to the simple but very robust construction of the children’s playhouse (frame construction from timber frame construction), you can quickly and safely disassemble it into a few individual parts at any time. Rebuilding is easy too!

10: How big is a children’s playhouse?

Dimensions: width with roof overhang approx. 1.80 m, length with roof overhang approx. 2.45 m; Interior dimensions approx. 1.50 m x 1.50 m, veranda area approx. 1.50 m x 0.70 m; Inside gable height approx. 1.60 m, inside eaves height approx. 1.10 m;

11: What do you do with a children’s playhouse in winter?

There is no need to dismantle the children’s playhouse in winter. It is very robust and stable. Even in winter, your children can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in a cozy environment.

12: Are the instructions for a children’s playhouse also available digitally?

Of course, the instructions for the children’s playhouse are available in PDF format. You can either print out the instructions or use them in digital format.

13: Does a children’s playhouse manual include a separate woodcut list?

The building instructions for the children’s playhouse include a woodcut list to make the procurement of materials child’s play

14: Do the instructions for a children’s playhouse include pictures?

To make the manual easier to understand, it has many pictures. But 3D models and much more ensure perfect comprehensibility.

15: How and from whom can I get quotes for the building materials I need for my playhouse?

There are 2 possibilities!

1) You simply send the wood cutting list and the cutting template as an attachment via email with the prepared email template to obtain an offer from possible wood suppliers and have an offer sent to you via email.

2) You simply give the wood cutting list and the cutting templates to a competent employee in the wood cutting department at your trusted hardware store and then simply have your offer sent to you by email.

16: How reliable are price information from other providers?

Critically question the prices quoted by other providers. Foundations, steel shoes for posts… All these are additional structural measures that can cause considerable additional costs, but whose necessity should be questioned. Prices below €500 are often absolutely unrealistic.

17: How was the building instructions developed? Do I have to pay for unnecessary waste?

The building instructions were initially based on precise 3D planning using a CAD program. In this way, the dimensions of the house could be precisely adjusted and determined on the basis of OBI standard timber, which avoids unnecessary waste and the additional work and material costs associated with it.

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